Turkey: A traveller’s dream come true

Turkey is a beautiful, culture rich and charming country that is often seen as a colourful bridge between the East and the West. It is a land of stories and legends, timeless architecture, bustling bazaars, the beautiful Bosphorous and breathtaking natural beauty throughout its varied topography. You’ll find the dreamiest beaches, glittering cityscape, gorgeous villages, and surreal mountains…all in one country. Still need more reasons to book your Turkey tour packages? Read on.

Turkey as we know it is shaped by years of influences from the Greek, Roman, and Ottoman empires, among others. Its rich history is the reason behind its diverse culture and that is what makes Turkey truly unique and worth visiting. A few other reasons you should visit Turkey are impeccable architecture, delicious cuisine, unparalleled natural beauty, and incredible shopping and nightlife. Here is some basic information before we delve into all the experiences you should include in your Turkey vacation package.

Classical Turkey Tour

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Mesmerising Turkey

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Exclusive Turkey

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Vibrant Turkey Tour

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8 Day Turkish Highlights

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Jewels of Turkey

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Glimpse of Turkey

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Best of Turkey Getaway

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Flying to Turkey from India

Several direct and connected flights operate between India’s major cities and Istanbul, Turkey’s most populated city and a few other popular cities. The typical flight duration (direct) is between 6-8 hours depending on the city of boarding and flights with layovers can take 12 hours or more. Popular airlines operating between the two countries are Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Indigo among others. Flip Trip Holidays offers all-inclusive Turkey travel packages with round trip flights and internal flights.

Best time to visit Turkey

Turkey is a big country and at any point, you will not not find uniform weather at all the stops of your Turkey travel packages.

Spring time (from March to June) is a great time as the weather is mild throughout the country. April onwards is peak season for Istanbul and Cappadocia and they draw huge crowds. If you want to explore Turkey’s coast, then peak summer months (from June to September) are ideal. Cities like Istanbul are less crowded and cheaper during these times.  November to Feb should be avoided as the cities get too chilly and the Mediterranean side remains close during this time of the year.

When to go for the BEST experience?

Best places to include in your itinerary

It’s easy to fly within Turkey and cover diverse spots of this big country. You can choose to include the following destinations in your Turkey Holiday Packages depending on your trip duration:

  • Istanbul : The emerald Bosphorus Strait passing through Istanbul is literally where the two continents of Asia and Europe meet. The fusion of different cultures has given a unique, vibrant vibe to Istanbul! Don’t forget to visit the iconic Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia Mosque, along with beautiful areas like Balat.


  • Antalya: Giving tough competition to Istanbul in the race of Turkey’s most visited cities, Antalya is full of character and many beautiful beaches you could explore. Visit the charming Old Town, known as Kaleici and bookmark beaches like Cirali and Konyaalti for a relaxed seaside holiday.
  • Cappadocia: Explore the best sites with our Cappadocia Tour Package. This region looks like it belongs on another planet, thanks to its unique geological formations. The honeycomb hills, underground cities and ancient cave dwellings only add to the whimsical charm of Cappadocia. We highly recommend including Cappadocia in your Turkey holiday packages.


  • Ankara: If you enjoy spending time in quiet, laid back cities full of art and culture, then Ankara is just for you. The capital of Turkey offers you a more peaceful, less crowded side of Turkey offering a window into the country’s historic and religious past with landmarks like Anit Kabir, Ulus and The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.


  • Bodrum: Bodrum has no shortage of family friendly resorts for a luxurious beach holiday. The region offers a mix of glamourous nightlife and a rich history. You can explore the glorious Bodrum Castle, dive near Gokova Bay or spend a chill afternoon tasting wine around Karnas Vineyards.

7 Experiences in Turkey you just can’t miss!

Here’s a quick list of Flip Trip recommended experiences that we can happily curate for you as part of your Turkey Trip Packages:

  • Book a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia as part of our Cappadocia tour package and enjoy the unreal aerial views of Cappadocia’s unique mountains (called fairy chimneys).


  • Have you ever stayed in a cave hotel? The experts at Flip Trip Holidays will help you book the best one in Cappadocia for a unique and unforgettable experience.


  • Visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to score beautiful Turkish lamps, authentic spices and teas and other souvenirs to take back home (but don;t forget to bargain).


  • Enjoy a picture perfect boat ride in the Bosphorus and witness the beauty of Istanbul’s skyline and landmarks from afar.


  • Take a relaxing dip in the naturally heated thermal pools of Pamukkale. It is lso a famous site for hot air balloon rides.


  • Enjoy a lavish Turkish breakfast with a spread of delightful fresh breads, dips and Mediterranean staples. Other delicacies include Baklava, traditional Turkish coffee and traditional egg preparations like Menemen and Cilbir.


  • Treat yourself with a traditional Turkish Hamam or steam bath, along with traditional spa treatments for ultimate relaxation.


Wondering about trip to Turkey cost? We customize the Best Turkey Tours Packages for all budgets! To finalize your holiday with Flip Trip, contact us today on <+91 99993 16587​>.



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