Tour Guide On Prague Tour Packages

If you’re looking to plan a relaxing vacation to a stunning city, consider our Prague tour package. Prague is a city of dreamers, featuring snow-covered castles, cobblestone lanes, and glitzy markets that make it the perfect place for a holiday. Franz Kafka once said that the city has claws that won’t let travellers leave so soon. With the best of the Prague Holiday packages, you can explore this diamond of a city that stands out among the pearls. Prague is rich in history, architectural marvels, and a vibrant lifestyle, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore a unique combination of medieval appeal and modern sophistication. Whether you’re searching for a romantic getaway, a family journey, or a solo adventure, Flip Trip Holidays offers a wide range of Prague tour packages to suit your needs. This guide will showcase the wonders that await you in Prague travel packages and help you select the best bundle to make the most of your holiday.


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Must-See Sights Of Prague

  • Prague Castle: You may get over the metropolis, Prague Castle is the most crucial ancient castle within the international. Explore its high-quality courtyards, appreciate the architectural grandeur of St. Vitus Cathedral, and wonder at the beautiful views and perspectives of the town.
  • Charles Bridge: This is an ancient landmark and a top visitor go-to place. Charles Bridge is a stroller-only bridge enhanced with 30 lavish statues. You may take a relaxing walk on the bridge. Enjoy the street performances and artists, and seize scenic views of the Vltava River.
  • The Old Town Square: The core heart of Prague is the Old Town Square. This is a bustling hub of interest. You may experience the astronomical clock, Orloj, with its hourly show of apostles and shifting figures. Be mesmerized through the usage of the colourful shape of the Tyn Church and the Old Town Hall.
  • The Jewish Quarter (Josefov): You can also have a look at the wealthy records of Prague’s Jewish community in the Josefov region. Then you may visit the expressive Old-New Synagogue, the Maisel Synagogue, and the poignant Jewish Cemetery.
  • Petřín Hill: Get into the city bustle and climb Petřín Hill for beautiful scenes and panoramic views. Take a funicular revel into the pinnacle, visit the Petřín Lookout Tower modelled after the Eiffel Tower, and discover the Mirror Maze for a superb revel.

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Unveil the Hidden Gems Of Prague

  • Vyšehrad: Move beyond the crowds and find the Vyšehrad fortress, an ancient site with lovely views of the city. Stop by the Vyšehrad Cemetery, the very last relaxing location of many well-known Czech personalities.
  • John Lennon Wall: You may view the pictures of peace and freedom. The John Lennon Wall which is a colourful painting packed with John Lennon-inspired paints and messages of peace.
  • Kampa Island: A peaceful haven inside the core heart of the town, Kampa Island offers captivating canals, amazing streets, and the Museum Kampa which showcases modern-day artwork.
  • The National Theatre: Enjoy a charming typical performance or respect the opulent shape of the National Theatre, a symbol of the Czech way of life.

Enjoy The Culinary Delights Of Prague

Prague has a delicious food scene, mixed with traditional Czech delicacies with worldwide influence. Here are some delicious dishes which you may try while package trip to Prague:

  • Svíčková na smetaně (Beef goulash in cream sauce): A flavorful dish of red meat simmered in veggies and a creamy sauce.
  • Knedlíky (Dumplings): The main food of Czech cuisine, dumplings which come in various savoury and sweet alternatives.
  • Pečený vepřový koleno (Roast knee of red meat): A succulent and flavorful dish ideal for meat fanatics.
  • Pivo (Beer): The Czech Republic boasts a rich brewing manner of life. Enjoy local beers.
  • Trdelník (Chimney Cake): A candy cope which is made of rolled dough surrounded by a spit, roasted, and dusted with cinnamon sugar or different toppings.

Unforgettable Experiences In Prague

  • Vltava River Cruise: Get on the cruise which is located near Vltava River and enjoy the town’s horizon with a unique attitude.
  • Day Trip to Český Krumlov: Know more about the beautiful city of Český Krumlov. This is known for its middle-aged architecture and captivating fortress.
  • Black Light Theatre Performance: Enjoy a unique theatrical with captivating black light puppetry and storytelling.
  • Classical Music Concert: Get yourself into the rich musical records of Prague with the help of attending a classical song performance.

Tailoring The Perfect Prague Tour Package With Flip Trip Holidays

Flip Trip Holidays gives many Prague tour packages to cater to your particular pursuits and journey fashion. Here are a few elements to don’t forget while deciding on your Prague vacation package deal:

  • Duration of Your Trip: Prague offers countless possibilities for exploration. Choose a Europe tour package that aligns with your preferred excursion period, whether or not it’s miles a quick weekend getaway or a prolonged exploration.
  • Travel Style: Do you pick out a guided tour or the freedom to find out independently? Flip Trip Holidays gives Europe tour packages with guided excursions, free time for unbiased exploration, or an aggregate of each.


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