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Land Of A Thousand Lakes: Finland Tour Packages

Finland is the best destination for those who seek a combination of natural beauty, impressive architecture, and delicious food. Enthusiasts will find plenty to admire in the diverse building structures of Finland. The country’s rich history also makes it an attractive location for all types of travellers. Adventure-seekers will be thrilled by the numerous opportunities for hiking, skiing, and other exciting activities. Meanwhile, those seeking tranquillity can escape to the incredible landscapes of Finland. You can experience the stunning Northern Lights, embark on a husky safari through snowy forests, or experience the colourful town lifestyles of Helsinki. Finland has something for everyone, and Fliptrip can be your guide to curating the perfect Finland tour package, allowing you to discover the magic of this Nordic state.

Finland Frenzy

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Memorable Norway Finland

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Something Other Than Tourist Trail

  • Northern Lights Adventure: Have a look at an exciting Northern Lights, which ventures deep into the Arctic wasteland to grab the attention of this natural happening. Expert guides will lead you to the satisfactory viewing spots, ensuring you have the opportunity to see such an unforgettable spectacle.

  • Foodie Delights: Finnish delicacies give a unique blend of sparkling, seasonal ingredients and conventional cooking strategies. Sample delicacies like salmon soup, reindeer meatball stew, and the iconic Karelian pasties. Don’t overlook indulging in the candy aspect of Finland with a slice of the conventional blueberry or lingonberry pie.

  • Sauna Experience: Get yourself into the fundamental Finnish lifestyle of sauna bathing. Relax and rejuvenate in a traditional wooden sauna, observed by way of a refreshing dip in a lake or a groovy plunge pool.

Not only the food places or the adventure we believe in providing the best Finland holiday packages that cater to everything from start to end so hurry up and grab the Finland packages now!


Discover The Best Of Finland

  • Lapland: Enjoy the wizardry of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. View the breathtaking Northern Lights that would dance across the night sky. You can also have a sight on an unforgettable husky safari via snow-blanketed landscapes, and go to the mythical Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. Even you may enjoy this with us at our Finland travel packages

  • Finnish Lakeland: Move into the serene splendor of the Finnish Lakeland, a place which is dotted with over 1,87,000 lakes and infinite islands. You can cruise through the crystal-clear waters, explore charming lakeside towns, and enjoy the tranquility of the Finnish nation-state.

Customize Your Finland Tours With Fliptrip

At Fliptrip, we apprehend that each visitor has particular choices. We provide a huge variety of Finland tour packages, from action-packed adventure tours to culturally immersive reviews and relaxing getaways. Whether you’re traveling solo, with a circle of relatives, or as a pair, we can curate a package that completely suits your pastimes and budget.

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