Amsterdam: City of Freedom, Art & Romance

What is the first thing that you think when someone says Amsterdam? The beautiful canal, colourful houses, and beautiful cobbled streets that are perfect for cycling or a leisurely stroll. So why should you book an Amsterdam holiday package? Amsterdam is the perfect mix of old and new: the city has a certain old world charm owing to its historic construction and a modern flair due to its laidback way of life. It’s definitely worth experiencing and with Flip Trip holidays you can explore all the best parts of Amsterdam hassle-free. You can either plan an entire trip to Amsterdam or explore in combination with neighbouring countries like Belgium and Germany. You can also look at London Paris Amsterdam tour package for a splendid Euro trip!

From romance point of view it is a great destination and a tad different over your usual Switzerland and Paris. The city’s enchanting canals provide the perfect backdrop for spending quality time with each other. A must-include experience in your Amsterdam tour package with Flip Trip is a canal cruise at sunset. Watch the sun disappear in the magical Dutch sky and also witness the city’s beauty as it lights up in the evening. The city is also home to many unique & interesting cafes and romantic restaurants, where you can experience authentic Dutch cuisine while enjoying each other’s company. For more romantic ideas of things to do in Amsterdam, contact our team of experts.

Amsterdam is equally appealing for group travel with friends as it offers great opportunities for cultural exploration along with a really fun nightlife. The city is known for its open-minded and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for a friends trip. The world famous Red light district is a unique experience with its colourful nightlife and offbeat entertainment options. Rent bicycles and explore the city like a local, discovering hidden gems and lively neighborhoods. Flip Trip regularly crafts package trips to Amsterdam and we’ll be happy to customise an itinerary for you and your friends.

Fusion of Paris Swiss with Amsterdam

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Fusion of Paris Swiss with Amsterdam

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Fascinating Paris with Amsterdam

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Blissful Europe

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Must Include places in your tour package to Amsterdam

There’s a lot to do in this vibrant city but these are unmissable as per Flip Trip experts. Visit the Rijksmuseum which houses many sought-after works of Rembrandt and Vermeer. There’s also the Van Gogh Museum showcasing works of the well-loved Vincent Van Gogh. If you’re up for a thought-provoking and emotional experience, visit the Anne Frank House for lesser known insights into the Holocaust and the conditions before it.

Another must have experience is the Canal Cruise that gives a terrific view of the city’s architecture. If you just want to have a slow day, enjoy a picnic and observe local life, Vondelpark is perfect!

Every Amsterdam trip involves multiple trips to Dam Square, the historic center of Amsterdam. It is surrounded by monuments, shops, and vibrant street performers: there’s never a dull moment at Dam square.

Beer lovers must sign up for the Heineken Experience. You can learn about the history of Heineken beer in this interactive brewery-museum. Finally, experience Amsterdam’s nightlife in the unique Red Light district, known for its bars, clubs, and entertainment.

As you wander through the city taking in all these lovely experiences, be on the look out for local Dutch delicacies such as stroopwaffels and poffertjes (small dutch pancakes).

Now you have a fair idea of everything for planning a fabulous Amsterdam trip! For everything else there’s Flip Trip Holidays: Contact us now.

Best Time to book Amsterdam Tour package

The best time to book your Amsterdam holiday depends on your choices and personal preferences. Spring (April to June) is when we book the most Amsterdam package trips as it is popular for blooming flowers, especially tulips, and pleasant weather. Summer (July to August) offers milder weather and a lively atmosphere. Autumn (Sep, Oct, Nov) has fewer crowds, while winter (December to February) is perfect for those who enjoy festive markets and a colder climate. It also depends on youe estimated Amsterdam trip cost from India as it’s generally costlier during the Christmas season.

Amsterdam Trip from India: Cost & Flights

Reaching Amsterdam from India is convenient, with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol being a major international hub. Direct flights operate from major Indian cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Several airlines offer connecting flights, providing flexibility in travel dates and budgets. The airport is well-connected to the city center by train, taxi, and bus services. Ensure you have the necessary visas and check travel restrictions before booking your Amsterdam holiday package. Flip Trip Holidays is happy to assist you in the Visa application process as well.


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