Australia: A tropical paradise awaits

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Those who have visited this paradise country often come and say it is one of those destinations that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. It offers so much in terms of adventure, natural beauty, wildlife, culture, and a lot more and we try to include a little bit of everything in our Australia Vacation Packages. Australia may be a long flight away from India but the travel is so worth it! And if you think you’ve seen the best beaches in your past travel, you’re in for a delightful surprise. Nothing compares to the beauty of Australia’s famous and hidden beaches. Nature lovers can rejoice: a large part of Australia remains untouched and in its original form and available to explore in its pristine form. This is also why it is a great destination for wildlife and camping enthusiasts and we book many nature-centric experiences for clients booking our Australia Holidays Packages.

In our travel planning experience, the Great Ocean Road ranks as one of the best scenic routes for the perfect road trip and we can definitely say it is worth all the hype. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most gorgeous natural wonders and the only one visible from space: imagine diving among the world’s largest group of corals. Australia gives you a chance to experience so many surreal places like these and you must plan a long trip if you wish to cover even a fraction of them. Another thing to keep in mind while planning your itinerary is the season you’re visiting Australia. Flip Trip experts will help you decide on the best sightseeing and experiences according to the season, while booking your Australia Tour Package.

Australia Land of Heaven

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Wonderland Australia

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Glorified Australia

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Enchanting Australia

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Best time to visit

When should you book your Australia Holidays? Australia is great to visit all around the year but you will have to choose your places of interest accordingly. Winters (May – October) are cool and cloudy but there are places that enjoy a fair amount of sunshine like Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. This is also when tourist places are less crowded and you get better deals on flights and hotels. The summer months from December to February is when Australia enjoys peak tourist season and also hosts a variety of art, culture and design events. For a balance of both, you can book your Australia Vacation Packages during the shoulder season (March to May or the month of September).

Flying to the land down under

There are many flights connecting India and Australia (majorly Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth to name a few cities). However, there is only one direct flight by Air India between New Delhi to Melbourne and Sydney which takes about 12 hours. Some common connecting hubs between India and Australia are Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. We give the best rates for flights and internal transfers as part of our Australia Holidays Packages.

Flip Trip Recommended Experiences

While it is impossible to summarize the entire Australian experience, we’ll help you narrow down the 5 best destinations to cover in your Australia Trip Packages:

We also do customised Australia New Zealand package if you wish to explore both these beautiful countries together. Australia and New Zealand are quite close geographically and we highly recommend booking an Australia New Zealand Package with Flip Trip Holidays.

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