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Thailand: Everyone is welcome here

One of the most popular destination especially among Indians, Thailand is well loved for its stunning natural landscapes. It is also a known cultural hot spot offering thought provoking art, breathtaking architecture and vibrant customs that gives travellers a unique immersive experience of the Thai culture. Thailand is also known for its warm hospitality where you’re always greeted with warm smiles and greetings, hence its name: ‘the land of smiles’. So book your Thailand tour package with Flip Trip Holidays and explore this tropical gem like never before.

Thailand Vacation Packages

Whether you’re exploring Thailand’s bustling cities or wandering through its captivating jungles, soaking the sun on its secluded islands, hiking its northern mountains or dancing the night away in its party towns, there’s a unique charm exuded by every Thai experience. It’s especially a joyride for all the adventure enthusiasts who wish to indulge in thrilling water activities and explore Thailand’s diverse marine life, our customizable Phuket and Krabi package are ideal for this. If you’re a history buff, you’d absolutely love Thailand’s traditional houses and temples featuring intricate designs and craftsmanship. Our Chiang Mai and Pattaya Holiday Packages are ideal to explore art and culture. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the peace of the northern mountains, this easily accessible gem caters to every traveler’s desires. 

With so much at offer and countless options of Thailand packages to choose from, how can you resist booking your Thailand trip package? Contact Flip Trip right away or read on to find out more about this beautiful destination.

Couple Thailand Packages from India

If you’re looking for Thailand holiday packages as a couple we highly recommend experiencing its gorgeous landscapes and romantic settings that make it an ideal destination for you. xperts suggest booking a sunset cruise in Phang Nga Bay or taking a romantic walk along the serene beaches of Krabi for the ultimate couple experience. There are so many luxurious resorts in Koh Samui, Phi Phi, Phuket that offer private villas with unforgettable ocean views. The cultural charm of Chiang Mai and the peace of Pai provide an intimate backdrop for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Can’t decide what places to go? Contact Flip Trip Holidays to create a Thailand trip package of your dreams.

Best Time To Book Thailand Tour Package

You must be aware so many attractions in Thailand are nature-dependent. It is therefore highly advisable to choose the best time to visit so that you can explore this beautiful country freely. Nov to Feb are typically dry months and March to June are comparatively hotter. It rains heavily from July to October and it is generally the lowest tourist season. As per the experts at Flip Trip, the cool months of November to Feb are considered the best, offering ideal weather. You can choose the hot season if you just want to enjoy the beaches. Rainy season can be considered if you want to face lesser crowds and experience Thailand at its greenest. In conclusion, the choice of the best time depends on your personal preferences, but the cool season tends to be universally favored and considered the best time to book Thailand Holiday Packages.

Booking Thailand Packages from Delhi 

Thailand is super accessible and convenient to reach from major Indian cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata etc. You can easily book Thailand tour packages from Mumbai as well. There are direct flights between India and Bangkok which is the capital of Thailand. There are also direct flights between Indian and Krabi and Phuket in case you’re booking a Phuket and Krabi Package. Thailand trip cost can be managed by booking flights timely. By air it typically takes 5-6 hours to reach Thailand from India. You can contact Flip Trip for options of Thailand Travel Packages from your city.

Top Must-Include Places in your Thailand Package


Bangkok is a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition and is nothing short of the dynamic metropolitan capital you expect it to be. Must visit places include the Grand Palace, Emerald Buddha and the happening Chatuchak market. You’d love the night markets and street food in Bangkok!

Chiang Mai

People often miss out on exploring this mountain paradise in Northern Thailand which is known for its ancient temples such as Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang. This is also the site of the famous Yi Peng Lantern Festival.


Thailand’s largest island is famous for its stunning and hippy beaches like Patong. Phuket also offers fun nightlife, water activities, and cultural attractions like the Big Buddha and Old Phuket Town.


Everywhere you look in Krabi, it’s a postcard moment. With its natural cliffs, blue waters and islands like Railay and Phi Phi, Krabi promises to wow you with its natural beauty. See it to believe it!


Have you heard of Pai before? Think breathtaking hot springs, falls and mountains: Pai is an absolute heaven for nature lovers looking for some peace and quiet. Another hidden gem recommended by Flip Trip Holidays.

Hua Hin

Known to house the royal palace, Hua Hin has beautiful beaches, night markets, and an overall charming atmosphere. You can include this if you’ve already explored the usual Phuket, Krabi.


Famous for its colourful nightlife, Pattaya offers a mix of beaches, water activities, and cultural attractions. You can book your Pattaya Holiday Packages with Flip Trip Holidays combining your trip with Bangkok.

Things to do on your Thailand trip

There’s so much to do in Thailand. While Snorkeling and Diving are the top choice of tourists, you can also enjoy beautiful nature treks and zip lining in the mountains of Chiang Mai and Pai. There’s also white water rafting and wildlife exploration in parks like Khao Sok.

Those who are culturally inclined can visit Thailand’s beautiful wats or temples in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

Shopping is another thing that is on the agenda of many travellers and you can pick trendy clothes, unique crafts and handmade gifts to take back home. There are many night markets and flea markets (even floating markets) across Thailand for you to indulge in some retail therapy.

Important To Remember 

Thailand has very flexible VISA policy for most countries including India. We get to enjoy month long Tourist Visa on arrival without much hassle. 

The most fun way to explore is through vibrant and stylish tuktuks (rickshaws) that are available in some tourist cities. Renting a car/scooter is also an option for shorter distance if you wish to explore Thailand on your own. However you should carry an International Driving Permit to avoid penalty.

English can be used in tourist areas. Expert tip: You can learn a few local Thai phrases for easy communication.

That’s all! You’re now all set to book your Thailand Holiday Package with Flip Trip Holidays! Contact us TODAY.